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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> were big story at 4:00 p.m. for the fourth day in a row investigators are searching and east bay landfall for any man fany sign of this searching man. frederick sales he is been missing for several days. the body of this father was found in hercules ricardo sales over one week ago. and he had been allegedly killed by efren valdemoro who is responsible for its least four killings. he was killed by c h p with a high- speed chase to tonight, and christine connolly is live in
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pittsburgh. >> they are searching a massive land fell beyond these hills, over 3,000 t of trash. meticulous, tedious, let me show you what they're doing. they are showing the and searching at the keller canyon on bailey rode. there are about 20 volunteers, to sift through 1 a. of trash. hercules police are hopeful they will find something, take a listen. >> they're hopeful, and determined to taand to get to te last piece of debris. they will stay with it until we're done. >> it is very meticulous, the piece of debris is picked up by the excavator and put into a clean machine with a volunteer will go through it, mentally, piece by piece. >> this contains trash from the
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north shore business park is where a long white cadillac escalade efren valdemoro was discovered on saturday and also worked at a security guard. a thorough search provided no sead frederick sales is believed that they are going to try to wrap up today at 5:00 p.m. they are expected in that they could be out of this land all of the next several days. if the want to go through every pieces of the 3 t and tons of trash. reporting live in pittsburgh, christine connolly, kron 4 news. >> and a neighbor across from the cindy tran street is still wondering what could've happened to the missing frederick sales? >> and i was thinking who is that guy? and i'm also thinking that what if frederick sales is still a lot? or is he already
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dead? to me, my assumption is that if he is alive, he would of showed up already. however, it seems that seems that since he is still missing. perhaps he was killed first and then dumped, somewhere else. >> the neighbor, jerome says that his wife refuses to walk her dog down the street because she does not like to look at the home of cindy tran and it makes you think of the tragedy. as this continues the prosecutor prepares their case and will continue to follow the multiple murders. your welcome to follow the story and our developing story of petaluma. crews are working to soak up the last few gallons of oil into the petaluma marina. about 0 p.m.-
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noon, a depressan12:00 p.m., tho soaked up, and experts were observing that a tug boats was being a selvage when this leak occurred. and alexia with the department of fish and game is on the phone with us. exactly but can you tell us? can you tell us what happened? >> actually, the investigation is still on going with what happened. this tug boat was being dismantled, recycled, and a leak happened and why? still ongoing. >> and 80% retained how much from the beginning? >> the work crews are estimating 200-600 gal. and the only exact quantification could only happen at the end km >> is there a way of life threat? >> in the oil poses a hazard to
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of live especially birds. a little bit of the oil could compromise the others. and then they could undergo hypothermia to harsh conditions on their feather. >> and where is this blocked off? >> the north, the south, and crews are asked to not use any water craft. >> and any charges or fines be brought up because of this? >> if you are speaking about the company that has the tugboat that is part of the investigation and that is handled in the d.a.'s office. >> alexa, thank you. ♪ them a a live look outside from
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the golden gate bridge and sunny skies right now. however, we are born to see that fog tonight and into tomorrow morning. temperatures are pretty warm but mostly in the '90s, the upper 80s. 88 degrees in oakland, 89 degrees in mountain view 89 degrees and hayward. and over all, and the bridges are a quite a bit from yesterday and especially along the bay shore- chechen ventures. with hayward, mountain view, 14 degree difference. temperatures. and a similar temperature increases in land. let us take a look awoken expect with the next couple of days with clear all along the coast. and at what we can expect, the fog will be coming an overnight and tomorrow will be when they're in much cooler. between 10-20 degree degree drop! wednesday and then a
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gradual warm-up torture weekend. all of your deals on your graduweekend forecast. for >> and to win the toro candid it. brown started talking about the $100 million-meg whitman this first television ad of the general election, please take a listen. >> as governor he cut it waist, and to balance the budget, 4 billion, world-class university, clean energy, one. m9 million >> i am sure brown. california at needs major changes, we need to >> jerry brown, the knowledge, the know-how to get california working again camp saw this as misleading historic renovation of its record. meanwhile, other
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democrats are the alameda labor council iand picnic in oakland. >> police and new work are trying to find out who killed this man out of the hotel. this bubody was found behind the w suites that the gateway. and at 8:30 p.m. buffet broke up and heard gunshots and found no victim's. the believe that 26 year-old julius been struck at the party. 300-400 people were at the full party last night trying to determine if a hotel of the proper permit to hold that event. for >> a man in livermore is in custody after allegedly stabbing his wife and teenage son. gary gomez took his friends, and his two friends to fishing midnight. and after an
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argument one of the children went home and the argument escalated into a fist fight and the and the father pulled out the fish knife and stabbed to some 11 times. the wife was a victim of a stab wound by trying to break up that fight. she was stabbed in her hand. >> the 680, and craig sklar is explaining everything. >> this slab of concrete on used on highway 680 we open on september 20th. work will begin on a new car pull lane, with not just only two more cars solo pickles will be able to use this for a price. the alameda county transportation says up to $6 truck with a fastrak and only from 5:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. and as long 14 mi. long, and two different-three different entry points, and fremont, the double-
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11, 2-ft what will be installed. few can see that the line, and normally cannot cross that dead and the entry points. current car pool users can use that like any other age of the and in fremont, craig sklar. >> work is under re under the great highway destroyed by the winter storms. you can see from this video construction started this weekend to reach stabilizes section of this for a highway. the robber would shut down in december 29th. and again on-this highway, and again in january. the adjacent sea cliffs had damaged and let me show you on google earth. the great highway, let me show you the full shot and the construction is happening from skyline boulevard half to slurp boulevard. and this will slow to boulevard, new paving, and the realigned lane. all the way to the end of october from slope boulevard
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from skyline boulevard. >> and you can see a live look at the golden gate bridge into bed and a solid week and we will be right back. 0 you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke. secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured.
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protect your loved ones.
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>> private security guards are patrolling the streets of the santa cruz. this is a trial program trying to beef up security and so there's enough money for regular police officers. >> wrap level. >> and along pacific avenue, and you can see a lot of uniformed security patrol but not all of them are police. for the next one month or so the pilot program. private security guards to patrol the streets augmenting a regular police patrol. they're hoping the increase control the patrol will curb the crime, and this is being fueled and by the police apartment. these are
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as all alternatives from the police department, they do not carry guns, and they're able to dispatch the real police. in santa cruz, rob fladeboe, kron 4 news. >> another check on traffic, the james towards the lower deck of the bay bridge is moving right along, with no problems. the same on the southbound, on the bottom of your screen, towards the south of the peninsula. we will be right back. that's going to go right in your glove. ohhh.
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♪ >> a live look of sod from our roof cam a look at a gorgeous shot of downtown. a live shot-- it is action warmer now, with 80 degrees in warmth your most of the bay area. still mild along the coastline with 69 degrees. 90's in the and, to the north bay, the south bay, upper 80s in between. a big cool down as we head into tomorrow the fog is going to surge up the coast.
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first the san mateo coast and in the north coast tomorrow night. tomorrow night, the fog will be along the coast but it will not push into four during the day. by 3:00 p.m., 10-20 degrees cooler. and a dramatic cool down happening tomorrow with the 60s on the coast and 83, inland. the fog really quick with the fog up, down, a early. barely brushing the bay shore. that is going to be the extent of it. and nearly back to the coastline by 9:00 a.m. still hovering over s f o and dump the coast by tomorrow. temperatures will be to run the entire bay area and the coast. with only 69 degrees in oakland, and remember this is the upper 80s, right now. inland, are going to be about 10 degrees cooler and 78 degrees and that but tomorrow is 96 and the upper right now. this cool front will continue through
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wednesday, and a blast of cool air with a 70 degrees inland, 67 on the cbay shore and to the seven on the coast. a bit of drizzle expected. as we are gradually warming of towards the weekend. >> and the guatemala, 37 people and killed by heavy mud slides. you are looking at a hillside that collapsed. boss, cars, a national emergency has been declared. and thousands of people have been evacuated. the rainfall has she washed away sections of roads, and crops. also flooding and victoria,. they are bracing for the worst. and people are being evacuated and a lot of them have been slow to get out. stubborn residents could get trapped the keep
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refusing to leave their homes. already a lot of damage to homes, roads and it is only expected to get worse. tropical storm hermine is a churning in the could make landfall overnight. causing the concerns on both sides of the u.s./mexico border browns fell, texas- flopping, principal, northeast mexico are being urged to get out. texas/browns felville. >> and thousands of people were without power in nova scotia look of these waves. this is it peggy's cove. and it was far less intense than feared here in the u.s. with traffic returning to north carolina. and this is from massachusetts. a dog, a man
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walking to a plodded access road. once that storm had passed-flooded access road. >> the east bound is moving well and a bit of a backup of the pay gates on the left side of your screen. however, the fast track planes are moving right along. more traffic, news, weather street ahead. ♪ this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard.
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>> now, here is stanley roberts to fun people behaving badly. >> according to this e-mail i kissed inherited 5.8 million lbs. that is less than $9 million. apparently emily jackman levitt never met is not sure why she chose me but as not to worry. it seems that she lost her husband and a swiss accident in 1998 from new york to geneva and even this sea and then link. the list of passengers including her
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husband, mr. jackman. according to this e-mail, she is too old, too weak. she has decided to give me $90 million all i need to do is give my name, address. and i did. and then i received this is an official of dhl worldwide letter. on how to get the money. all i had to do was the second western union $268 and then i would get 9 million. o betty! and i know what your thinking wait until you are waiting and then give them the $268? except, they do not operate c o d. those are the words, not mine and there's no inheritance. it is just people abusing the name of real people trying to get your money. please delete those e-mail's. in fact, spam, and no personal
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information and do not send money! because you'll never see a dime of his inheritance. you'll just end up losing your money. in the newsroom, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> it of a comet or a story idea? e-mail us at: >> it is hot up there right now! but a big to cool down coming up double continue towards wednesday. we will talk all about a coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] try sizzler renegade's ultimate value menu!
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choose malibu chicken, flame grilled steak, or two grilled shrimp skewers. each includes our 50 item endless salad bar and start at just $9.99. now at the sizzler.
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live from the bay area's news station but this is kron 4 news of 4:30 >> at 4:30 a beautiful holiday most people are off but the a lot to in july. >> is a great day out there with plenty of sunshine [laughter] >> and they are warm but not to war. with the '90s, we are used to that for that time of year not to warm. with '

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